if i were a superhero..

for sure the world would be in peace..hehe
there's no more country,called america,,
i hate this country very much,i guess u know why..
barack obama would have nothing,he only has his beloved family,,
bush would be sentenced to death,
because he likes war so much..

i would make sure,there's no more social injustice.
all people would be the same..
no more poor or rich people..
i would ostracize those who commit crime..
convicts that are found guilty would be punished fairly.

that's all,i hope that i will be given this chance sooner or later..hehe


Salam idil,,mu sihat ke??mu dah abes foundation ke?bile fly??
mIra said…
fuh..ganaz..mu..BERSEMANGAT WAJA..
Unknown said…
yun,,ak dh abeh a level..tp skrng kena blaja bhs ag,,huhu
hg mcm mane?
Unknown said…
to mira..ak mmg hero dh pom..
org jahat supo mu hok nk kena sepak ngn ak la..haha
alhamdulillah sihat..insya Allah aku lagi 6 bulan kat malaysia..bulan 8 2010 insyaAllah akan pergi jumpa Barack Obama..haha..nak belajar kat negara dia kjap..

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